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Dominican Republic La Altagracia
Dominican Republic La Altagracia

La Altagracia

La Altagracia Province was created on August 11, 1961. This province was called La Altagracia until January 26.1961 when the name was changed to La Romana. Its name was changed due to the presence of the Basilica of Our Lady Altagracia in Higüey, With a surface of 3.010,34 km ² Altagracia limits at the north with the Atlantic Ocean, at the East with the Canal de la Mona (the Atlantic Ocean), at the South with the Caribbean Sea and at the West with La Romana and El Seibo Provinces. It is part of region VIII - Yuma, with a population of 182.020 people: 92.703 are men and 89.317 are women.
The municipalities are:
- Salvaleón de Higüey, principal municipality.
- Lagunas de Nisibón
- San Rafael del Yuma.
The municipal districts are:
- La Otra Banda
- Bayahibe
- Boca de Yuma.
The Eastern end of the Eastern Mountain Range (or Seibo Mountain range) is in the northwest of the province.
The main river is the Yuma River, there are others like Sanate, Duey, and Anamuya, etc, all of them with short course. The Nisibón River separates this province from Seibo Province. There are some small lakes like the Bavarian Lake.
Its main economic activity is tourism which has been replacing activities like farming (sugar cane, citruses) and cattle (especially cattle to obtain milk and meat).
This is the province of greatest tourist development of the country, being among the most important places El Bábaro tourist Pole, Punta Cana, Bayahibe, Boca de Yuma - (with its fishing tournaments). The National Park of the East is very frequently visited by Dominicans and foreigners. Higüey, with the Basilica of Our Lady Altagracia, is a place of pilgrimage for Dominicans and foreign people, especially Haitians.


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