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Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

It is called just like that, Santo Domingo. It is the capital city of the Dominican Republic, it is the first city founded by Europeans in America in 1496 by Bartolomé Colón and then moved by Nicholas de Ovando in 1502 to the territory that this city occupies today. It is a cosmopolitan, mighty city and is full of a deep historical past associated to the conquest of America.

It is located at the Southeast of La Española Island, an Island that shares its territory with Haiti and is bathed by the waves and the breeze of the Caribbean Sea. These excellent natural conditions make this city be possessor of a dynamic and pleasant weather, excellent for outdoors activities. Santo Domingo Colonial Zone which was declared as Common Patrimony of Mankind by UNESCO, includes the oldest constructions created by the Spaniards; like for example, the first administrative offices or the first cathedral of the new world, and it is precisely here where the New World history began. It is located exactly next to Ozama River mouth. This city was established in 1498 and it was the first colonial city to which the Spanish Corona granted Real Letter. It is an enormous pleasant to take a walk by its narrow and old but well conserved streets. Indeed, it is an authentic pleasure to observe constructions from colonial time. You just feel like traveling in the time machine.

It has many different and interesting areas for national as well as international tourism, Due to the fact that this is the Primate City of America, it has ancient constructions of immense value. Going for a walk around the Colonial Zone is a good opportunity to realize the importance and the beauty of these constructions. At nights, this place becomes an excellent enjoyment not only for young people but also for adults, since it has a great amount of bars and areas for entertainment. It has different museums where precious stones, articles used by the first settlers, complete houses exhibiting the life style of high society people among other elements are exhibited. El Conde Street is one of the most crowded in the city; hundreds of people go up and down this popular street where a lot of commercial centers are located. If you get tired you may rest in Colon Park. At the south of this park you will find Santa Maria la Menor Cathedral, which was built between 1514 and 1544.They say that it was the first cathedral in America. With a mixture of gothic, Spanish renaissance and baroque .Several and well-known artists have worked in its inside like the Dominican Rincon Mora, the Italian escultor Cellini and the Spanish painter Bartolome Esteban Murillo. You will also be able to admire Borgellá Palace which was also built in the 19th Century. In the past it was the residence of the governor and today it is occupied by several offices and dependencies that belong to the Government.
The Amber Museum (Amber, the national semiprecious stone) and the Faro a Colon Museum are two amazing sites to explore which are located at the other side of Ozama River, where the mortal rests of Admiral Cristóbal Colon rest.

This city also offers a great number of places to walk like the Seawall (Malecon) with world-wide level restaurants, dancing clubs, cafes, hotels, casinos, the Artisan Market, the zoo and a wonderful Botanical Garden.

The exclusive features of Naco and Piantini districts are exposed with their important commercial centers, banks, numerous hotels and restaurants.

The hotels in Santo Domingo have experienced in the last decades an active policy of construction of new establishments as well as the restoration of the existing ones. For that reason, the supply is sufficient and diverse; they are ruled in its majority by the European system. Those located in the Colonial Zone are old constructions recovered with a special delight.

Tourists who have a reduced budget will find hotels in the colonial area, personalized attention and a good service too. They can also enjoy different guided tours to go mainly through the Colonial City, visit museums, know the flora and local fauna in its parks, get to know about traditions of the country as well as enjoy all the beaches in this region..

An abundant supply of first class hotels is available in the area next to the seawall (malecon) and Boca Chica and Juan Dolio Beaches
The Eastern Area of Santo Domingo has great commercial activity on Charles de Gaulle Avenue and Vicente de Paul Avenue, with purchase and recreation centers, restaurants, bars and discos.
Santo Domingo is a favorite destination for tourists from Europe and other regions of the world. Outdoor enthusiasts visit the beaches, parks, gardens, marinas.

Generally, temperatures remain warm year round. Summers are rainy and winters are dry.


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